Our training programs

1. Certificates

Bilingual Management Assistant, Project Manager, Monitoring & Evaluation, Accountant, Cashier-Salesman, Commercial Seller, IT Assistant, Data Analyst Assistant, Shrimp Processor, etc.

2. Entrepreneurial Certificates

Female entrepreneurship, leadership, sales skills, financial education, time management, etc.

3.  ISO standard certifications

Cybersecurity ISO/IEC27032, Cloud Security, Anti-Corruption ISO37001; ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System, ISO 21500 Project Management; Pandemic planning to name a few.

4. Professional Certifications

By investing in your certification, you will benefit from an increase in your employability, increased recognition of your expertise, faster career progression and advancement opportunities. Employers are actively seeking certified professionals because they bring real added value to their organization. 

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